Thursday, June 4, 2009

One more thing on the To-Do list that didn't get done this week

What do you mean, 'I haven't posted in a week'?!? What about the post about "Ben and Mama Day"? The one about how I took the day off to take him to his end-of-year party, lunch at his restaurant of choice, and then the movies, but he still wanted Daddy to read him books at bedtime...? You didn't read that one? Hmmm...What about the one about Aidan, a.k.a. The Vomiter, who decided to puke just as I sat down to dinner with my girlfriends? Oh but surely you read the one about how I went mountain biking and fell not once, but twice, on the same elbow--nearly breaking it? No? Didn't read any of those? Such a shame, 'cause they were funny and poignant and nearly award-worthy.
Oh wait. You couldn't have read them...because I only wrote them...IN MY OWN HEAD. I did. I swear. I walked around all week blogging away, but just never got around to sitting at the computer and writing it down where it counts. Some days I was just too busy. Some days I was just too tired. Some days I was just too busy and tired. And I'll be honest, when I get to That Point at the end of the day, when all I can think about is crawling into bed and either watching mindless TV, reading, or just going to sleep, I don't care enough. I mean, the thoughts are there. The words are there. The stories are there. I tell myself to get up, go to the computer, type them all in. But I can't. The all-consuming desire to Just Stop--stop thinking, stop trying, stop doing--is stronger than the desire to write. (Not to mention the fact that I think when I am that tired, if I tried to write, it'd be so bad, you all would stop following me.)
I have found this the toughest part about blogging. I thought the tough part would be finding enough material, or being willing to put myself "out there" for everyone, or even figuring out how to use the blogging program. But no, none of those have come close to the difficulty of finding the time and energy to post as often as I'd like. So...I suppose this post is one part apology, one part request for suggestions. How do you all manage it? How do you get around the demands of parenting, working, marathon training, scrapbooking, cooking, exercising, sleeping, living, (whatever!) and still find time almost everyday to post so many great, funny, honest, cool blog entries? Go ahead...advise and inspire.


  1. oh I so laughed! I do this ALL the time! And then when I DO FINALLY sit down to write it comes out so bland, and lifeless, and well damin it TIRED!
    I have no idea how the girls who really rock do it. No clue at all... but I'd love to hear that mountain biking one when you get a minute. I went once, apparently it was a "very technical trail" I have a long scar on my right leg. I've never gone again...

  2. So glad it's not just me on the exhausted posts...Yeah, my ride was on a technical trail too, but mainly I was riding clipped in for the first time...never got my left foot out and literally tipped right over onto a pile of rocks and roots. Doc says elbow's out of place!


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