Wednesday, August 8, 2018

You are ten

I remember

when the nurse called out
across the room
you were okay
we heard your cry

"A redhead!" she announced

"A redhead?!?"

the relief
we felt
the relief
I saw
on your daddy
it crumpled upon him
folded him in

you were okay

then your baby years
you were loud
chronically agitated
(we were, too)

you toddled around later
with your little blue rectangular glasses
a little professor
those dimples
on your cheeks and your little fists
those curls
now blonde
now chronically happy
chronically sweet

this little boy now
growing up
the freckles sprinkled across your nose
in love
with elephants
in love
with me
"wrapped around your little finger"
the cliche
repeated to me

it has not taken us long
to realize
you have this effect
on many

you give hugs so freely
you play
with toys
sleep with stuffed animals
(a million)
you ride
the scariest rides
arms up
never flinching
always ready
for the party
for adventure

there is a softness
a sweetness
on your face
in your eyes
in the
of your hugs

you came into this family
you carved your own space
with gentleness and giggles
with expectations of love and affection
to what you give

you are
your own person
and we are
so lucky
the 3 of us

Happy 10th Birthday Aidan Kai...
You have our hearts.