Monday, December 2, 2013

That's my a REAL book! Launch Day for The HerStories Project Anthology

The four of us were stalking the UPS truck. I was totally trying to pretend it wasn't such a big deal.
But then my oldest turned the corner on his bike and yelled, "Mommy! Look!" and my youngest followed him on his drifter and announced, "It's the brown truck with the golden stripes!" 
The book arrived and I opened it up and turned to page 17, and I couldn't pretend anymore.
This was a very big deal.
I was giddy.
There was my essay: "The More The Merrier."
There was my full name: Elizabeth Suarez Aguerre.
A real byline.
Perhaps I was a bit biased, but I thought the book was beautiful: pink and purple, the exact shades of my teenage bedroom. The cover was simple, but appealing. Just heavy enough in my hands.
A real book.
I have been published before (nine times to be exact!). You'd think that would be more than enough. But although I am extremely proud of those projects, they do not hold my true voice. This book is the real writing Me. It is the style and genre of writing that I have dreamed about being published in for as long as I can remember.
My essay sits there, sharing space with 49 other amazing women writers, and I am honored. These amazing editors, Stephanie Sprenger and Jessica Smock, found my words, my piece, and thought it was good enough to be in this anthology on women's friendships. Thank you.
After showing the book to my boys ("Look, that's Mommy's name!"), Hubby and I toasted with a bottle of champagne. I carried it around the rest of the afternoon, under my arm, crystal flute in hand. After this experience, after feeling this feeling, I can no longer deny that I. Want. This.
This byline...this book...this opportunity has lit a fire under my ass. I can no longer pretend that my writing doesn't matter.

That's ME!!!!
To buy the book, click HERE or on the book's Amazon link at the top right corner of the page (pretty please?).

Learn more about the book, how it all started, the editors, and the rest of the awesome women writers featured at The HerStories Project. And please help us spread the word....tell your friends and family about it. The book really is a frickin' awesome collection of essays on "the joy, pain, and power of female friendship!"


  1. How adorable are you??? This made me want to cry a little, I'm not going to lie. You know how I feel about your essay, but I'll tell you again. I love it. So much! We are fortunate and grateful to have you in this book. And you're right- your writing *does* matter.

  2. Happy pub day to you!

    This is, indeed, a very big deal!! And the champagne? Perfection!

  3. Congratulations!! I love how your family was as excited as you were. Your pictures are just amazing!!! And, I loved your essay!!!!

  4. CONGRATS! Your writing does matter and I am SO excited for you!

  5. I love this! I was equally as excited. It made me feel the same, my writing matters. I can write something that resonates with others and that is a very big deal. Thanks for sharing your excitement!

  6. You go on with that fire under your ass! Good luck!!!

  7. I absolutely love these pictures of you showing the byline to the kids. That's so great! Glad to be getting to know new writers/bloggers by being in the book together. It's been an exciting day!

  8. What wonderful, sweet pictures! Your excitement is contagious and jumps off the screen. I completely understand coming to terms with regarding yourself as a writer--and am so glad you came to the conclusion your writing DOES matter.

  9. Felicidades! What a wonderful honor!

  10. I love you! I agree- I have had my name appear before but only on journalistic pieces, nothing that was a piece of me, and this book is what mattered. I totally get that feeling, the inspiration, and I a WITH you. Happy publication to us! :) We need to form a writing club - we need to keep in touch about ways and tips and tricks to move forward together. I am so overwhelmed by the publishing/writing landscape but, like you, I have realized that this is what I want, too. Congrats again!

  11. Elizabeth, This is so awesome! I love much you are celebrating this success. I was with my dear friend this weekend and she said, "You are not celebrating this accomplishment enough!" I am honored to be along side you in this wonderful compilation of stories. And I love your essay! It has taken me 47 years to learn that the "best friend" thing may not be the only way to go. And now, like you, I have expanded my horizons and feel so blessed to have many great friends. Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a great piece of advice and I probably would have saved myself a lot of hurt had I subscribed to that philosophy a long time ago. But live and learn, right?!

    Well, congrats on this success! What a fun journey it has been!


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