Saturday, November 21, 2009

Partyyyyyyyy! (Or go to sleep early?)

It is 8:27 pm on Saturday night and I just finished a cup of espresso coffee. Not a cup. A mug, really. Yes, a mug of espresso on a Saturday night. I love my caffeine, but I can't have it after 4:00 o'clock max, because I won't sleep. Today, I've had so much caffeine that my heart is literally pounding in my chest right now. For real. I am so hyped up, I can't catch my breath. Why, you might ask?

'Cause I'm going dancing, dammit.

Yes, dancing. 'Til all hours of the a fabulous, swanky club on South Beach owned by Lenny Kravitz. I will be wearing my fabulous new sequined mini and my fabulous platform stilettos and my smoky eyeliner, and I will not, I repeat, not be too tired or too sleepy to go. I will not give up on the whole idea after I shower and just opt to stay home and go to sleep early. I haven't gotten glammed up and gone dancing at a nice place in a loooooong time, so no matter how tired, sleepy, or lazy I feel, I will go dancing tonight. Dammit.

Back in the days (read: no children) we used to go dancing often. We'd throw something on and just hit the town. Now? It's An Evening. So it'd better be good. And honestly, getting ready is half the fun, so what's it take these days? Let me share...

P.S. In case you're wondering why the hell I'm blogging instead of getting ready...Well, you see, if I just sit around and pass the time until "Appropriate Going Out Time In Miami" (no earlier than 11:00, and that's just to ensure you get's not until midnight that it actually gets crowded), then I will surely give up and want to stay in!


  1. Oh Liz!!! Have a great time!!! And show me a pic in the outfit - love the shoes!!!

    We just had our night out - while M-C is at His party. It consisted of dinner (at Chile's) with a stop by Lowes. Keep the love alive for all of us!!!

  2. OMG, HOW COOL, hope you had a fantastic time!!! Your outfit looks fabulous!

    I love the photos of the getting ready process :)

    I too went dancing on Friday night....a friend was having a "special" birthday and hosted a party at her home, DJ and all. I danced my socks off and I do love to dance, it was so much fun.....yesterday I did feel like I might need hip replacements but it was SO worth it!! Oh, I wore my special red sparkly 7 inch heel platform "Dorothy" shoes which always make me feel fab :)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hope you had a blast!! I so understand the getting ready process these days being so different from going out in the pre-children days. I haven't been dancing in...well, a lot of years. :)

    Can't wait to see pics of your outfit!!

  4. I pray you do not use every one of those eyeshadows at once. LOL

    I hope you had a blast, as a mom I know how exciting it is to go out all night.

  5. I heart dancing! and we dont go anymore either. LOL. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit. How was your night?

  6. I love to dance but truly nowhere her to do it. Hope you had a blast and I want to see a pic once you are ready to go.

  7. I am very jealous. I hope you have a dang good time!!

  8. ok, I LOOOOVEE the shoes! I don't think I could wear them for more than 37 seconds though. Hope you had a BLAST - I'm sure once you walked into the club you woke RIGHT up!

  9. Love the pictures, hope you had a great time. On another note, please be sure to increase the house help's salary, the poor boy ironing can't even afford a shirt!

  10. Yowzers! I hope you have a fantastic night out. You deserve it! :)

  11. Okay. Now you have to tell us how you did? Did you stay up late with gusto? Did you whine to go home at 1 am. Earlier? Did you feet make it till four.

    Are you still hungover?

    That's it, isn't it? You.are.still.hungover.

    Love you and your sexy mini!

  12. Ooooh. I can't wait to hear all about your night. Nothing like vicarious thrills. I so appreciate this post. How easy is it for us to forget our more frivolous former selves? It wasn't all that long ago that many of us would have nights like these and not think twice. Alas, the magics of motherhood have changed so much. Look forward to a fun future post!

  13. hihi Same here...
    Hope you had fun and enjoyed the night out!
    It's a great post so I featured it on my blog for "thing that make my day on monday".

  14. Found you via Momalom! Hubs and I partied in Miami a few years ago and were, luckily, warned about party time in Miami! Y'all start so late! Thus, we also learned about the 'Disco Nap.'

  15. GO YOU! I know exactly what you mean about staying busy until it's time to go out. I am SUCH a homebody. Once I'm out, I have a good time. But if you don't keep me motivated, I will slip into my comfy jammies and into my cozy bed.


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