Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Plague of '09

It all started back in October with an ear infection.

One ear. One child.

From there it has morphed into a full-blown epidemic in our household. You may remember when I first complained (vented?) about the state of our immune system. It had only been going on, then, for about 2 weeks. Two weeks and it seemed like an endless bout with snot, coughs, puke, fevers, antibiotics. There's a reason we are unable to see the future...'cause if I'd known then what was in store for us over the next 8 weeks...well, can you say "defeat"? Bronchitis, stomach viruses, foot-hand-mouth disease, 2 ear infections, a couple of sinus infections, one completely lost voice, and several run-of-the-mill colds...and not just the kids, either. In our household, we share, people. Over the last 8 weeks, we have had no more than 5 days straight during which all of us have been somewhat healthy.

We thought we were done after the last bout.

Apparently, not.

We woke up today to a 104.3 fever on Ben and a little brother who is currently using his nose as a bubble wand for boogers.

We've done it all: throw open the windows, Lysol the entire joint, replace toothbrushes, wash sheets and towels. And don't even get me started on the supplements and home remedies. I've gone from scoffing at every non-doctor piece of advice to trying them all: Overly priced probiotics? Check. Vitamin C powders and pills? Check. Plug-ins with menthol? Baby Vick's rubbed on the soles of their feet? Smelly alcamphor tablets thrown in glasses of water? Check, check, and yes, even that one: check!

I feel like I can't really complain, since it's all been pretty minor in the grand scale of things, but...oh, how frustrating it is to constantly be wiping noses, checking fevers overnight, and cancelling plans (today was THE perfect day for the zoo, dammit!). I mean, seriously...we eat right, exercise, wash our hands, all that good stuff. And I know it's "the season", but 8 weeks? Really? Really?!?!

I've run out of patience, tissues, and ideas. If anyone knows of a good witch doctor, let me know...


  1. UGH! Hope it clears soon. Maybe this means you have a totally clear spring & summer. Surely you've earned it!

  2. This line killed me not only because it is hilarious, but also because it perfectly describes my own son right now: "a little brother who is currently using his nose as a bubble wand for boogers." I love it!

    Sorry to hear your tale of woe - and hope that you all feel better and stay well soon!

  3. Ugh, sometimes it seems futile. I hope you all get through it soon. Snot trails are just irritating, aren't they? LOL

    Best wishes!

  4. Ewww! I so remember this phase! (Little guys are nothing but germ-factories!) And the wiping of the noses on anything - the shirt sleever, mom's shirt....

    I'm sorry you guys are sick - I think 2010 is YOUR year for health!

    Get well soon.

  5. Can totally relate since we brought back Tennessee's answer to Montezuma's Revenge in December/January. After an eternity of runny diapers and endless visits (and lab work) ABOUT EIGHT WEEKS LATER, we kicked it's butt. But only after it kicked ours...So sorry to hear you are all still on the outs :( On the bright side, we spent several months with no medical issues!

  6. Yuck! I swear by open windows and new toothbrushes, so I hope that does the trick. Also, I'm currently crossing my fingers and toes that I don't share your experience any time soon! :)

  7. Liz - I so feel for you! I thought the worst was over when my 22 year old daughter got sick substitute teaching. Then, I got the call from college - we are sending your son home with the flu. I hate thermometers. Haven't had one in years. I even went and bought one as his fever at Health Services was 102.8F (he runs about 96.8F normal). I have had everyone taking their temperatures as I don't want anyone else getting this. Today, after two weeks home, he goes back to college and hopefully stays healthy as do we here.

    It is suppose to be 50F today so I may have to open the windows and air out the college germs this afternoon.


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