Thursday, March 31, 2011

AGAIN: Six Word Friday

Sometimes you plan life just so.

You have it all figured out:

Follow the women along the path

That was carved out for you.

So you find yourself settled in.

You have attained, accomplished, and arrived.

Then you look around and realize

You really are only settled, instead.

Not, at all, what you wanted.

Not, at all, who you are.

So you call out: Do over!

And you start all over again.

Terrified and doubtful, second guessing yourself...

Wondering every moment of every day

If you did the right thing:

This second draft of your life.

Then later, much later, you realize

The outcome was obvious all along,

Because it was the only option.

Your life: a reset was required.

What does "AGAIN" mean to you?

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  1. I needed this poem today as I embark on a job change. Thanks so much for the reminder that sometimes you have to reboot and start over.

  2. Beautifully written, Liz. Pressing that reset button is a hard thing when people doubt you...Yet, when you do it, it is so liberating,and that knowing that there is no turning back fuels your desire to shown them you can.

    Just beautiful!

  3. I recently survived my own do-over. This is fantastic!

  4. What courage you have! Only we can know what is best for us!! BTW I really love the image at the top of your blog. It is a LOT of fun.

  5. Reinventing allows us to grow....nice

  6. Yes - It's so important to stop every so often and evaluate where we are. As George Eliot said: "It is never too late to be what you might have been"

  7. Yes, settled and settling are very different things! Re-setting can be un-settling, but sets you free :)

  8. The second draft benefits from re-vision. :)

  9. Reset button? Hmmm, I'd like one of those. Somedays. Good for you for choosing a new path to YOU!

  10. Yes, reset - sometimes it's needed. Yay to you for realizing you weren't where you needed to be.

  11. What a gutsy post! When we women tell our truths, great things happen, things like reinvention and resetting. How can we authentically change if we are unwilling to own who we are and where we are?

    This is wonderful..........cj

  12. that was a beautiful post. i am really enjoying reading your blog.

  13. Lovely and brave. I am in the midst of some reset button pushing myself. Sometimes I think we are in the same place! I'm just taking a look around and rethinking what I thought I wanted.

  14. I loved this Liz.....and my blogpost today was inspired by you :) xx

  15. take no prisoners and start anew


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