Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sometimes I don't like my kid

It is very disconcerting when you look at your child and think: "I don't really like you right now."

It is even more disconcerting when you look at your child and think: "I'd like to slap you right now."



Right across the face.

No, I am not abusive. I am not even big on spanking. I've been a teacher for 13 years, love my children and my students, and consider myself a pretty kind individual.

But some days, I want to hit Ben.

Some days, I think what he needs is a good smack across the face...a wake up call. (Although, if I have to be completely honest--and why the heck not, at this point?--I often think the smack would be much more for my own benefit than his, which is probably the only thing that prevents me from doing it.)

I know.

I know what you're thinking.

Some of you who are reading this right now, aghast, shocked, indignant, are thinking: "I would never..."

Some of you who are reading this right now, shocked but relieved, are thinking: "I have so felt that way..."

A small few of you who are reading this might even be smirking knowingly and thinking: "Oh, I have done that..."

There are so many things you can't possibly understand until you are a parent. There are so many shocking realizations. The one that's killing me is the realization that I can only control my child's behavior to a certain point. I can mold, I can teach, I can explain, I can love, I can show through example, but I can not make this child be a particular way.

My four-year-old is, truly, a product of his parents. He is verbal, tenacious, silly, passionate, energetic, and bright. He is not afraid to stand up for himself when he feels he is being wronged. He is not afraid to ask why things have to be a certain way when he does not agree with them. He is a leader. He is outspoken and social. All wonderful qualities to inherit, I think.

But...also like his parents, he is obstinate, stubborn, strong-willed. He knows what he wants when he wants it, constantly questions authority, and thinks he's pretty damn smart. (The fact that he is, in fact, pretty damn smart is part of the problem.)

90% of the time his good qualities outshine his bad. Everyone who knows him, loves him.

The other 10% of the time?

I want to hit him.


I hate not liking my kid. I hate that his behavior and defiance make me short-tempered, snappy, and ugly. I hate that because I don't like him, I find that I don't like myself, either.

I am an "If-then" kinda person. As in: "If I do this, then this should happen." When something goes wrong, I need to know why. Then I need to correct it. I would preach this kind of thinking as a solution to the parents of my misbehaving students: "If Little Johnny does not do his home learning, then you should provide a consequence at home." "If Little Johnny has a good day, then he should be rewarded." If-then. You have a parenting issue? Here's the solution....all wrapped up nice and pretty with a bow. Be consistent. Be firm. Let your expectations be known. And always, always lead by example.

If Ben hits a kid during recess, then he will not attend his friend's birthday party.
If Ben does not listen to the teacher the first time, then he will not be allowed to play outside.
If Ben is nice to his little brother, then we oooh and aaaah and celebrate.
If Ben gets a happy face on his daily report, then we let him ride his bike outside.

Consistent. Firm. Expectations known. Good example.

If Ben continues to misbehave, then Mommy is going to have a breakdown.

It's no secret that I have control issues. I like to be able to control everything. I know. It's impossible. I'm starting to understand that. I'm learning to accept that I can not control the weather and I can not put my kids in a germ-free bubble just before a vacation, but I always thought I would be able to control my own kid.

Not most of the time...all of the time.

I know my kid is going to screw up. We all do. But there are certain behaviors I did not expect. Not listening to the teacher??? Hitting another kid??? Not acceptable.

Except...apparently, unacceptable is not enough because it keeps happening.

If I am this kind of parent...If my husband and I work as a team...If I provide consistent rewards and consequences...If we lead by example...If we make it clear that certain behaviors will absolutely not be tolerated...

...then your kid still screws up.
...then your kid still gets an "x" on his daily report.
...then your kid still bites his buddy on the shoulder.

So if you don't like your kid, then are you a bad mother?
Or worse, if your kid is misbehaving, then is it your own fault?


  1. I have no answers to your questions, I just felt an intense need to let you know that you are indeed not alone. I have felt this way more times than I'd like to admit. Parenthood is the hardest damn thing I've ever done and I think as long as we still love them, the liking part is ok to come and go.

    Hang in there mama, you're doing a good job.

  2. I think most mothers if they are honest can completely relate to your post.

    Of course I feel like hitting my son sometimes. The point is I don't. Like you say - lead by example.

    So no, of course you're not a bad mother for having these feelings. You're human and that's allowed.

    All kids sometimes misbehave (would you really want a perfectly behaved at all times automaton for a kid?) If it's o.k. for us to not always be perfect parents - which it is - then it's o.k. for them to not always be perfect kids. Part of feeling safe for kids is having consistent boundaries in place I think, and how could they know what those were if they didn't test them a little?

    You sound like a lovely family to me.

  3. ROFL...Literally, I almost fell out. :0) Love this blog. And I am with Gappy, you are not a bad mother. My ten year old is so stubborn she can make me want to physically throw her out of my house sometimes. Seriously. :0)

    I just started a new "mommy/parenting without rules" blog...feel free to stop by!

  4. What an incredibly heartfelt and difficult post. I have had moments when I don't like my kids. I always love them, but not like them very much. And it is something that is hard to understand until you have a child.

  5. It happens to all of us...dealing with my own issues with son #2. And whining to boot!

    Maybe we should start a support group...oh, wait, that's what we do at lunch anyways, right?

    I think we all do the best we can...and eventually, it will kick in...I just want to be alive when it does...

    Hugs to you...You will survive, and most importantly, triumph...

  6. I remember hearing once that it's not the parents' job to be their kid's friend. Sometimes parents don't like their kids, and sometimes kids don't like their parents. And I didn't understand this till I had children of my own!

    Thanks for your honesty in this post. I think we can all relate to it.

  7. The very reason I wrote "We Snap in Silence" LOL
    I couldn't stand Firstborn when he was three and now that he's fourteen some of those feelings are resurfacing. Lord, PLEASE help me! Whew!

  8. My child is turning one on Friday so I'm not there yet, but I fully expect to be one day. My parents were consistent and firm and nice, etc. and I was a giant ball of sass pretty much most of my life which couldn't have been easy to deal with or like.
    But the thing is this. I really believe that despite my tendancy to push my boundaries that my parents' style (which sounds similar to your style which is one reason I like this blog so much) made me feel safe and loved and kept me from making really big mistakes because I had a strong sense of self-worth and family. So no, I wasn't a model child but I think I was and am a good person and I have a really good adult relationship with my parents in large part because apart from the basic parenting structure, they let me be myself.

  9. I read your title and thought, "she must have a teenager". Because I never felt like that until my kids became teens! I have two living in the house right now and it ain't easy!!!! There are days that I really don't like the person they have become. I keep telling myself it's a phase and they will go back to the loving, caring individual that I raised.
    My daughter is moody and unperdictable
    My son is a raging ball of hormones.
    But I love them...even though some days I don't like them!

  10. visiting from SITS.

    i called my mother once and told her that if she valued her granddaughter (who was 2 at the time) then she'd come get her asap and not bring her back for at least several hours. and i routinely fantasize about selling my son to a band of roving wanderers. (he's 2 now....i'm starting to see a pattern here!). so long as i don't ACT on what i sometimes WANNA do....i feel okay about it :)

  11. My daughters six and I've felt like this so many times. I think it's normal to love someone so much, but not always like the person.

  12. As always, thank you Liz, for not being afraid to keep it real. I'd like to take my 4 year old and sell her (cheap!) on eBay right now, so I certainly sympathize. Those children...WHY do they test us so?

  13. My daughter is exactly like me . . . a people pleaser, so there were no defiant moments, although she is an independent person - she's been planning her future apartment since the age of 12 - and apparently her home is going to be cleaner than mine!

    Is it bad that I knew my daughter liked to clean and used that to my advantage? Even at the age of 7, I would talk to her after school and say "all I need to do is mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom" and when I got home the floor and bathroom were both spotless!

    I am actually kind of nervous when she does move out - who will empty the dishwasher then? :D

  14. Your honest is amazing and in fact, because you're so honest, you're in control. I remember a couple of periods in my kids' lives when I felt as if I didn't really like them. Thankfully, they passed out of those phases and things improved.

  15. I'm with you, as are lots of people. Being a mother is so so difficult.

  16. This post made me giggle! I have been around kids my whole life (the only marketable job skill I have) and my husband has not. ever. We are in the process of adopting a baby girl from Taiwan and my husband thinks that as long as we do the right things and say the right things our kid will be perfectly behaved. HA! I can't wait to see this!

  17. Yup. Definitely have been there. More times than I'd like to admit actually. I have had to get up and walk out of the room on Hannah at times because I'm afraid I will snap. She knows how to push my buttons and does constantly. And yes, it makes me feel like I'm screwing up and screwing her up in the way I react and the way that she doesn't seem to care to change. Unlike you though, I'm NOT consistent with the consequences and know I need to be. Because especially with a girl who is so smart (if I may say so!), not being consistent is definitely working against me.

    Just know, NO you are not alone and the fact that you ARE putting so much of your heart and passion into these issues, shows how much you care and MEANS that Ben will end up Just Fine.

  18. Is my son in your house? He's 4, super smart, super stubborn and I totally relate to this post. I think parenting is really a spiritual journey designed to teach us about how to handle ourselves, our expectations and flaws as much as trying to deal with another human who might be a product of us but is entirely his own being.

    We're all learning, and it's right to question and to doubt and there's nothing wrong with admitting we don't like our kids sometimes. Much of the time they don't like us! Well done for speaking up.

  19. Great post. You are SO not alone. Trust me.

    Over from SITS.

  20. Oh Liz - we've all been there. Mine's almost 16 and there are still days when I feel that way. And you know what? I know he doesn't like me sometimes too. But that's okay. Because we love each other and we will work through this. Parenting is not easy; and we are flying through it by the seat of our pants, just doing the best we can. Hang in there - and remember we are here if you need to let it out.

  21. This is such an honest post Liz and one I can totally identify with.

    My son drives me to the same level of madness with his behaviour. On the whole he's a really good kid and like your son, is very bright, but he's immature and has always got into trouble at school for being the class clown. On occasions he'll lie to try and save himself from getting into trouble which I hate and he'll try and justify himself no matter who's telling him off.

    Last year, I realised that I could no longer shoulder the blame. I've taught him the same values as I did his sister (who is an angel), have praised the good, punished the bad and have always let him know what is expected of him. His behaviour is his responsibility.

    Having said all that, it still breaks my heart when it messes up and he makes me want to swing him around the room by an ankle!

    I guess we just love them so much, can see where they're going wrong but some of the time can't do a damn thing about it.

    Frustrating as hell and heartbreaking...

  22. How refreshing to know I'm not the only one who wants to throttle her kid. Some days my palms itch for that slap.

    The hardest part is knowing there's no "if, then" scenario for us. The variables are too many and change by the day.

    I've been picking my battles and getting lots of away time. It's the only "if, then" that works. "If I get away from him, then I won't throttle him."

  23. I was just wondering the other day what other moms would think of me if I made this very admission, and look at the outpouring of support you received! I'm so relieved to know that it's not that I'm not cut out for this job, but rather that I'm fully immersed in it. THIS post was courageous.

  24. After a truly truly devastatingly rough day with my son, I came home and googled "sometimes I don't like my child". Up you popped and I have to say thank you! I 100% have felt everything you just said. We were at a birthday party and my kid literally screamed like a maniac most of the time. Blood. Murder. Screaming. I thought to myself, "god if I could just haul off and smack the crap out of this kid!". Then came the awful mom guilt. Then I thought I could always google "when are kids too old to be placed up for adoption". More mom guilt. So, I just want to say that it helps to know that maybe I'm not the only parent that's ever felt these things. :)

  25. OMG, there must be something in the air. I just googled "don't like my kid." I just saw the above post and had to ask myself, "did I just write this comment?" LOL.
    I seriously almost lost it today. I know his behaviors were worse because we had travelled and he was tired etc. (I feel there is always a reason) and because I was ignoring him because I was exhausted! BUT I still seriously did not care for about 15 minutes if he disappeared.
    I just wanted my old life back. I wanted my sanity again.
    But he's asleep now and i am coming to the end of a 10 day stint of us being together 24-7 with no help.
    This too shall pass!!! BTW, thanks for the comments and the blog! I'm not as nuts as I thought I was.

  26. omg have i got a shock for you even when kids grow up they still come back we have a 37yr son and 17yr old grandson in our house i have no idea how we got here they are truly driving us mad was looking for help as just had enough think im cracking up reading that not alone helps but ours lot older still have thoughts of slapping and i have always been against hitting children even big ones

  27. wow it makes me feel better to know im not alone. I'm a mother of five soon six and i get so upset knowing that at sometime or another i feel that way.And,Yes i love mine ???? not always they r real cute but bad real bad.somedays i just want to cry or run far away but i never will. You know i never knew being a mom u can have these feeling and now that i'm one I know i sure thank God for my mom and all she put up with me lol she may not have liked me either

  28. I actually just googled " i dont like my kid" and this came up. made me feel better...

  29. im a dad and feel this way, its very frustrating because i love them so much but can't stand the defiance, even though i know thats just like me. So pleased i'm not the only parent to feel this way. This blog has helped put things into perspective

  30. From the time my son was a tiny newborn baby he was challenging. Wouldn't sleep, cried all the time, was difficult to soothe, etc.. My husband and I desperately hoped he would grow out of it. Although his behaviors have changed, he has unfortunately not outgrown being a difficult kid (he's 3 now). I also have an 18 month old daughter and a 6 week old son. The local library probably thinks I have a real Hellion on my hands because every book I've ever checked out is about parenting difficult children! My son goes on "sprees" where he is more difficult than other times. When I say "difficult", I mean "impossible." I absolutely want to flip out some days. Some times I find it REALLY hard to be nice to him when he's on a "spree." My husband is a farmer, which means that at certain times of the year I am completely and utterly on my own to raise these children. I am relieved to know that other moms out there occassionally don't like their kids.

  31. My hub was an OTR semi driver with our first four. I know the life of a single mother. There are days I would have to make it through my day quietly because the behavior was just to overwhelming. I started dual time-outs because I felt the same way as the blogger. The screaming was never ending and I thought just a smack like my many mamas gave me would do the trick. I don't believe in voilence so the time outs where great for ME. I have no idea if they helped the children in anyway. I think they just saw it as being bored. If they only knew it was actually survival(haha)! I do not have family because I am a product of the US foster system. All my parenting has been purely instincts. I would love to lean on someone but that is not my reality. There are days of extremely laughter and outrageous joy. BUT there are days that I have googled "don't like my child","how to walk away" and "coping with motherhood". Don't worry about being a bad mother. Bad mothers are the ones that DO hit their child nor feel any guilt about not liking them. My son has a.d.h.d and o.c.d.. He is a middle child. Most days I have to sit him down alone to deal with his behavior. I started to resent the time he was taking my away from my toddlers. At 12yrs he should have some self control, not pee the bed, and be able to dress himself without a nervous breakdown. Should is the key word here; he cannot do any of those things. The best thing I thought I could do was be honest about it in my family journal. My hub reads it and we discuss it. I wouldn't have made it without hub's kindness! His kindness also gave us our 5th child. ;-)) Anyway the more children I find under rocks the more I realize they are individuals just like the rest of the population. There are no promises that you will like their personality. I will love them like crazy as long as I'm alive. I would die for them. Would I ever be their bff? Hell No! Even consistency is not going to bring you the Von Trapps. After 15yrs I've greived the loss of my perceptions. I imagined my oldest would be athletic and social. She's a chunky monkey, techy girl. I was sure my son was going to be handsome and well-mannered. He's kinda goofy looking like a photo of my bio-father. He's also the wild one. My 8yr old daughter I thought would be a genius actually has trouble with her studies. She finally learned to read after professional tutors spent over a year with her. My 3yr old son is handsome and sweet but I've lost hope for any patience. He collapses in tantrums at the drop of a hat. My 1yr old baby girl loves to make a mess everywhere, constantly. I'm waiting for her personality. So far she is loving and generous. Do I get one good child? Please, just one?
    I've had to give up what I thought my family would be for the reality of what it is. We are a crazy, wonderful, and strong-minded mess! And at least once a day I want to send them to a farm in the country with luggage! I apologize for the long post. I sympathize with everyone. I hope this blog continues forever so moms can remove the mask of motherhood. We aren't Stafford Wives and sometimes cereal is what's for dinner!

  32. And at least once a day a week I want to send them to a farm in the country with luggage!*

  33. I found your post by Googling "I don't like my kids". Apparently I'm not alone. What a relief! I am a divorced mother of two boys, ages 7 and 4. I have forced myself to walk out of the room with the words "GO LIVE WITH YOUR FATHER!!!!" on my tongue to keep them from passing my lips. My oldest drives me mad in particular because he is so very much like me. Maybe if I try to like myself better?? I don't know. I think I may need serious help. Anyway, thank you for having the courage to write about this. Keep them coming.

  34. Another one here who found this post after googling "don't like my kid." I could have written your post if I had your kind of courage. I'm just so glad you did it. It's such a relief to see that what I'm feeling is normal. It makes me sad to feel this way about my own child, but as several commenters have mentioned, yes they're our kids and we love them, but they're also little people with their own personalities that we might not always particularly care for.

  35. Ha! Another one who found you by searching "I don't like my kid". I am so fed up and frustrated and tired and you name it! All I want to do is cry when Friday comes at work because that means I have to be home with my child for two days. See, here's the thing. My daughter is 7, she is brain damaged from being shaken by her father as a baby. She is sweet as can be and super loving but I just can't continue to do every single thing for her. I am exhausted. She is 7 and is not potty trained. WTF? Last night, I lost it. She had pooped all down her pants and instead of telling me she went, she would rather have sat in it. I am so disgusted. I love her but I am not sure if I am the right one to raise her. I just can't do it anymore. I cry every single day when I am coming home from work to pick her up because I just want to be alone. When I come home from work, pick her, we go home, sit her on the toilet, I sit on the computer. I want to not be near her. I am a single parent. I have no financial support since her father can be no where near her, I have no family support. I just hate my horrible life. It's just a waste and I have a kid that I am horribly embarrassed of. What an awful mom, I am, huh?

  36. To the last post before this. Maybe you should put her in a nursing home. I know that may sound horrible but she needs more care than it seems like you can provide. Sanely provide that is. People can sit and judge you if they wish but you are the one that has to deal with it. Maybe you should put her in a home, preferably one with other children and visit her, that way you can love her the way she needs to be loved without the burden. I truly feel for you and hope things work out. Be strong. But about the initial blog. I am so relieved to see I'm not the only one. I don't like my 2 oldest children. They are manipulative, they lie, cheat, steal, they are selfish, and have smart mouths. Unlike mothers on here I do believe in spankings. And guess what? They don't work on certain children. My youngest child doesn't like to get spanked and can't stand for us to be mad at her. The oldest 2 children are demons from hell. They don't apologize, they have no remorse. They think we were born yesterday. And that we are idiots and they are the smart ones. I put my 9 year old out (not really), and he left. My husband had to go and get him. He was down the block. He would rather leave than to apologize. I can go on and on. You get the picture.

  37. Oh, I can SO sympathize with you. I told my husband that the best mother's day present he could give me is to let me go away by myself. My kids drive me crazy! The thing I hate most is that I find myself yelling at them. I lose my cool and then I realize that I just make myself look like a monster to them. How can I get them to behave without the threats and screaming all the time? Any ideas?

  38. im glad to know that mothers from all over feel the same way i do. im a single parent and i do have the support of my parents and siblings but atm every moment i have to spend with him alone seems to drive me insane. i am ashamed to say i have lost it a few times and hate myself for it especially when he looks at me with his big blue eyes and says hes sorry for making me cross... gah what an awful mother i am! and yet i still cant wait til he starts school this september. i agree with wat some of the other people have posted- that i have to learn to like myself first... i think because he is so like me (in looks and personality) it reflects on how i feel about him. so what if he doesnt want to go to bed until i do because he wants to spend time with me... so what if he wants to know the whys and whats and hows of life- im his parent, his role model... i just hope our good relationship continues through my bad tempers and snappy retorts and that he will never stop loving me, as i do him.... even if sometimes i dont like him.

  39. I read this article and immediately started cryingi feel the same way. When my son is sleep, when I look at pictures I love him, but when I get calls from the school everyday, when he's completely defiant, when he refuses to listen to other authority figures I feel like a failure, I'm a single mom doing this completely alone (and to the person in previous comments you dont have to be a teenage mom to feel this way ) at times I have to just take a step back and remember to have faith but at the end of the day I am human and although things now don't and aren't going as I want God has a plan And my son will mature This too shall pass..parenting overall is simply different for everyone

  40. I am in yet another difficult time with my 5yo daughter. I love her so much. But I can't stand her crying, whining, clinging. I know logically it's from starting kindergarten. I know she misses me and the way life was. But she expresses it in tantrums and whining and crying. And it makes me dread being around her. So the time she craves with me turns into horrific screaming and crying. I'm so sad and frustrated and I really hate the ugly behavior that comes out if both of us lately. So I hear you. Thanks for posting this.

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  42. I am yet another one who found herself googling "Don't like my kid" and finding this blog entry. I am coming to the conclusion that I really don't like my step-daughter. She's 8 and we've been living together, her father her and I, for nearly 5 years, and her father and I have been together for 7. I think I've been feeling this way the whole time we have lived together, and some days are worse than others but last night was pretty bad. Thankfully I was leaving anyway to meet friends, but I found myself on the phone while in the car talking to my mother about it. Her advice, as it is a lot of the time, is to really think about if this is what I want out of life and maybe it's time to walk away. Isn't that point long gone? I mean, I've been a parent for 5 years now, walking away is long behind me right? I know legally I can do whatever I want and there are no consequences, but morally? No, I don't want to walk away. But I fantasize about it all the time. Just getting in the car and driving and never looking back. And hitting her? Oh god yes. I don't do it, but I want to A LOT. She's smart and sweet most of the time, but gets in trouble at school for not listening to teachers and not keeping her hands to herself, and at home she doesn't do what she's told, whines, is a real smart-ass, and has the attitude of a pre-teen. Top it off with being totally unorganized and messy, which drives me nuts as we have a small apartment and I can't get away from her mess. And when I get THAT LOOK, the one that is telling me to go "F" myself, or she pretends to not hear you or that she doesnt' know what you are talking about, I just want to slap her. Hard.

  43. Thank you do much for writing this googled "don't like my kid" during a difficult day. Single mom, after dad decided marriage and family weren't for him and some days, I would sincerely rather be at work than home on the weekends. After fighting for two hours to get her to take a nap, I literally lay down crying. This is one of those things you'll never truly understand until you have a child. I'm happy the interweb exists. Thank you!

  44. Another mum who googled "sometimes I don't like my kid"! She is 2 next month, and is so challenging. Mostly for me, she just doesn't want me around at the moment. I guess it's that separation that I'm dealing with right now. I am just so sick of "No Mama" everytime I come near her and the hitting and scratching. Looks like there's plenty more of these moments to come throughout her life. Thanks for being honest, I really wanted to know I wasn't alone.

    1. My daughter didn't like me for the first two years of life. I don't know why but she avoided me like the black plague. We are coming up on her 3rd birthday. Thankfully, she is now all over me with big hugs, kisses, and smiles. She runs to me if I leave for a minute. Before she didn't seem to notice my absence. I hope your baby turns it around. I just kept loving her while she didnt seem to care for me one little bit.

  45. Thanks so much for your blog. I honestly felt so guilty googling 'i don't like my kid'. But seriously, I really don't like being around my 4 year old boy. He cries all the time, lies, ruins a lot of our property and the list goes on. I just really feel like I need a break. I turn into a monster when he is being so defiant, and I don't like it. :( He just knows what buttons to press and presses them all the time. I really hope this is a phase, because this isn't fun!!!! Great to be honest - thanks x

  46. Thank you...your eloquent and fantastically honest post helped restore my sanity after a thoroughly testing day! I couldn't love him more than I do, but occasionally he drives me completely bonkers!? It helps to know I'm not alone xxx

  47. I just googled "sometimes I want to hit my kids" .. thanks for sharing this. I feel less alone. I hate it so much when they don't nap. I need the down time, and they need it too. When they don't every one is on edge! :(
    I'll bookmark your blog, I want to read more.

  48. Omg! Can't stand my 2 1/2 years old son! He was a great baby. What happened? He's a little turd now. Whinning, screaming, crying for anything and everything. He's been like this got the past couple of months. He's becoming a brat, don't know how, we don't spoil him. He became antisocial and sensitive. Instead of asking for something, he whines and cries. He's fun for a little bit, but then becomes a downer. My husband asked him to go get his sippy cup, so hecan fill it for him. Our son just burst into tears and dropped ti the ground crying and screaming. We just stood speechless watching him. My husband gets annoyed and just can't be around him, he thinks our son is acting like a girl. Reminds him of his neices, that's why. I hope this is just a phase of terrible two's or 3's. Gawd, I hope this doesn't stay with him long. Now, I'm dreading his preteen- teen years. Oh, by the way, I googled "I don't like my 2 years old".


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