Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

I used to have a Birthday Month.

It's true. A full month.

We'd start celebrating on December 1st. It was an on-going thing with all of my closest friends and family members. I'd have a romantic birthday outing with Hubby (ahem, I mean Chris). I'd have a girls-only birthday celebration. A dinner with my parents and in-laws and sister was usually required, too. And often, I'd have another major bash out with everyone. I'm a pomp and circumstance kinda girl.

Today is my birthday. And when I woke up, I didn't even remember.

Yep. The girl who used to have a BirthMonth forgot it was her birthday.

Oh, yeah, and the Hubby who has, in the past, planned everything from full blown scavenger hunts to trips to shopping sprees to surprise parties, forgot too.

Okay, we only forgot for like 15 minutes. By the time the coffee had brewed and the baby had wailed his first "Maaaaammmmaaaaa!" we had both remembered. But still. From 31 days of birthday partying to "Oh yeah, today's the day."

This, I believe, is a good example of how life changes when you have children...snotty-nosed sick children especially.

Yep, the plague has continued. 3 pediatrician visits this week alone. 103. 5 fever at 3:00 a.m. last night. But oh, I am not complaining. Nope. Not me. See my big wide smile? No bitterness (I swear) around here.

We leave today...for a trip that has been planned for a few months. Just two little nights. Two nights in Savannah, a few hours away, holed up in a lovely hotel, quietly (or loudly) celebrating my birthday. Just Hubby and me. Just us. Ben is staying with his favorite pseudo-aunt and her granddaughter. He is probably more excited about this weekend than we are. He's got big adventures in store: Reindeer feedings, night zoo hikes, hay rides through Christmas lights. Baby Aidan will be with the grandparents at home. The pediatrician assured us everyone was okay to go..."They'll be fine. Just pack the Motrin and the thermometer. And oh yeah, here's yet another antibiotic prescription...just in case."

So we will go. And I will relax (dammit) and try not to think about the boys except when I make all those phone calls to check on them. And I will hopefully forget for a couple of days about the stress and chaos we've had around here for the last 3 monoths. Everyone will be fine. This, I have been assured by everyone from my husband to my parents to my pediatrician. Yes, everyone will be fine, but it is hard to kick up your heels and be fancy-free when you've had fevers and doctor visits every time you turn around.

But hey, it's my birthday, dammit. And I'm a pomp and circumstance kinda girl. So I will be fine too.

And if I'm not...I'm pretty sure a few cocktails will help me forget my troubles (and remember it's my birthday).


  1. Happy almost-forgotten birthday! It sounds like you've had the perfect few weeks to make you really appreciate your few days away.

  2. Happy birthday! Wish for the sickness to disappear!

  3. Happy, happy Birthday, Liz!! Go and enjoy (I know you'll worry as well) but you deserve this time (especially with all you've been through) and it will cause you to come back refreshed and ready to deal.

  4. So sorry I am late but Happy Birthday!! Hope your two nights away are relaxing, rejuvenating and FUN!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Mine was last week, too :-)
    I did a similar post *g*

  6. Happy (belated) birthday, Liz! I'm sorry to hear that sickness conspired to ruin your plans, but so, so pleased to hear that you and your husband are going to get some much-deserved time alone together. I hope you have fun reconnecting.

  7. Hope you are having a perfect birthday get-away. You certainly deserve it (even without the birthday excuse!)

    Happy Day!

  8. HUH! I did the SAME thing only my birthday month is August. 2 years ago I remembered my birthday when my mother sent a card. WTF is that? I tell you what that is, that is the effect of two children.
    Hi- just clicking around blogrolls!

  9. Happy birthday ! Hope you have a great break away

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Lady! Enjoy your time away.. it certainly sounds like you need it! Come back refreshed for Christmas! xx

  11. Happy Belated birthday! I hope you enjoyed your brief, snot-free time with hubs.

  12. I hope it was a wonderful birthday! As a December birthday myself, I know it's sometimes hard to CELEBRATE it right.

  13. I laughed out loud when I read this as I too used to have a "birthday month". My how times change huh? Happy belated Birthday!


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