Friday, December 3, 2010

A Routine Life: Six Word Friday

Routine. For me, it brings on
Dread and Calm. Resentment and Certainty.

Routine allows for Life to be

Still. Easy. Expected. Smooth. Contained. Controlled.

But along with routine, comes the

Boredom. Restlessness. Tedium. Complacency. Stagnancy. Depression.

Routine has become almost a requirement.

Without it, the day to day

Becomes unmanageable. I lose my grip.

And so, Life becomes a series

Of rushed timelines, deadlines, and bedtimes.

Within these tight constraints of Life

I've realized the necessity, the power

Of veering away. Defying the restrictions.

A spontaneous night with wine, conversation

Becomes almost like a rebellion against

What Life has required of Us.

An occasional alarm clock ignored becomes

A snub at responsibility and reality.

The routine, I've realized, is only

Effective when I'm willing to bend.

Break away, every now and then,

And remember what my Life is

And who I am without routine.

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  1. That is so true! All of it. Routine is something we fight against. It's also something we, as Moms, need. It is something we should bend every now and then. Good job!

  2. I hear you! Hitting snooze does feel like a rebellion! I guess we take what we can get...

  3. Well done! I love this line"a snub at responsibility and reality". There are days that it's just necessary to remember..the woman that you are!

  4. Routine is a requirement for more than just the mom...the kids too. Without routine we stumble through not knowing what's expected. However, breaking away every once in awhile is what makes life fun!

  5. One of my favorite song lyrics is "When you feel your tree is breakin', just bend".
    Routine is necessary in our house for survival, but some's even more necessary to stay up late, eat dessert for dinner and do the unexpected!
    Great post!

  6. This is the poem I wish I wrote. It so captures how I love and hate routine. And how necessary it is to shake things up once in a while.

  7. We took the 4 days of Thanksgiving completely without a routine (having had our family dinner on Wednesday night), and it was AMAZING. Now we're back in the routine that makes life possible during the rest of the year, but we are looking forward to our next routine-less Thanksgiving. :-)

  8. Need it and need to rebel against it. I so feel that way sometimes. Routine's our structure, I think, but I thrive on the non-routine stuff, not on getting through the routine!

  9. I feel the same way. Comforted by it and yet frustrated by the lack of excitement. But, be careful what you wish for...
    I've had my fill of excitement for a while.

  10. well said. "Of rushed timelines, deadlines, and bedtimes." - i can definitely relate!


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