Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Rule of 3's

They say bad things happen in 3's.

Well, let's see now...
On Tuesday, I fell mountain biking and injured my wrist.
On Wednesday, Aidan Kai woke up with a fever of 104.
On Thursday, a shopping cart fell over on top of Ben with Aidan still strapped in it.

OK. So are we done now?

Tough week.
But hey...this is the Not-Quite-New-and-Improved-but-Working-On-It-Me. The Old Me would be dwelling on the terrible luck we've had. The Old Me would have been going on and on about how bad of a week it's been. The Old Me would have been fretting and stressing about how out of control I feel right now. But if you've been reading the last few posts, you know I've been doing some self-reflection. You know I've been trying to become more self-aware. You know I've been working on my control issues and my pessimism and my worrying.

So, ready? Watch this.

1. Today I found out my wrist is not, in fact, fractured. No cast necessary.
2. Yesterday we found out that Aidan's fever is due to a throat infection and he should be fine in a day or so. No mystery illnesses.
3. The shopping cart accident could have been really severe, and yet the angels were looking over us. No major injuries.

It seems that we're having a pretty good week. Good things happen in 3's too, right?

P.S. For those of you with small kids, I feel the need to elaborate a bit on the shopping cart incident as a precautionary tale... I have never particularly minded when Ben stands on the bottom rack of the shopping cart and hangs on as I push him around. It never would have even occurred to me that his tiny 32 pound body could tip the whole thing over. We were at Party City, where the carts are more narrow and shorter than traditional grocery carts. Aidan Kai was strapped in the top seat and Ben must have climbed up onto the side of the cart, his feet on the bottom ledge. I was standing right there and happened to look up to take something off a shelf when I heard a noise and saw the entire thing tipping over. Aidan's head hit the rack of products on the side as it went down and the cart landed on top of Ben. I think what saved Aidan from a very serious head injury (other than pure luck and grace) was the fact that I had buckled him in. His head never hit the floor, because he remained suspended there. We were very, very lucky. It could have been very, very bad. Aidan got a slight bump on his head and a scratch on his ear. Ben got 2 little scratches on his ankle. So Moms, just keep it in mind when out shopping with your little ones.


  1. I'm glad things went from bad to good and no one was severely hurt! I always stood on carts when I was younger. I hate those narrow ones though. The bigger ones don't tip as easy!

  2. I hear good things actually happen in 10's! So glad your kids are ok... my daughter ALWAYS stands on the cart so I'm so happy to have read your post.


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