Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When I'm a mom, I will NEVER...

I've said it before: there is always a lot of noise in my head. And that noise often takes the form of Lists. Grocery lists. Things To Do lists. Blog Ideas lists. Life lists. More Shoe Colors I Need To Add To My Collection lists.

So I was quite amused when I discovered Becca at http://www.dramaformama.blogspot.com/ who blogs in list form. A few weeks ago she had one list (The Kind of Mom I Will Never Be) that contributed greatly to the noise in my head, because I walked around for days coming up with my own version. So after permission (thanks, Becca) and a bit of tweaking to add my own spin, I hereby present you with:

The Kind of Mom I Thought I Was Never Going to Be (But AM!):

1. The kind of mom who encourages television viewing for the sake of my own sanity (and on occasion, the physical well-being of my youngest): "Hey Ben, don't you want to watch more TV?!?"

2. The kind of mom who actually allows her child to sit bare butt on public toilets when he goes "poo-poo."

3. The kind of mom who uses the term "poo-poo" on a regular basis. Even with adults.

4. The kind of mom who walks around naked in front of her children, even after the oldest started giggling and asking about "those things" (a.k.a. my boobs).

5. The kind of mom who cringes internally when her 4-year-old son wants to play with her make-up and wear her high heels and dangly earrings.

6. The kind of mom who leaves the house without taking a second look in the mirror, realizes hours later she's been seen in public looking "like that," and then decides she really, truly doesn't care all that much.

7. The kind of mom who makes people wait in line at registers a little longer because her child wants to press the debit buttons...slowly and accurately.

8. The kind of mom who cries at pre-k productions.

9. The kind of mom who thinks her kid was, by far, the best one in the pre-k production.

10. The kind of mom who sometimes chuckles and scoffs at her non-mom friends and says things like "Oh, just wait. You'll see..."

That's the thing about parenting: you think you've got it all figured out, until you actually have the kids...


  1. LOL. Liz, we ALL turn into the mom that we never thought we'd be! I remember thinking I'll never do this, that or the other. And pretty soon I was doing this that or the other. My child will never . . . and then he did. Your last sentence says it all - so true.

  2. 4. yes
    6. constantly
    i can only add, The kind of mom who bribes her child to eat and stresses over how little he does eat

  3. LOL! This was great; i can relate to a couple on your list.

  4. ok your list is better than mine... I laughed at #7.... totally do that one too. And as for #1 - I'm stressing out because hannah is tired of all of her "go-to" shows. Doesn't want to watch TV? That will be my worst nightmare. Thanks for the link back...

  5. Even funnier is when you find yourself repeating, verbatim, the very phrases that were used on you when you were a child and you SWORE that you would never use yourself...and yeah, about #6...I used to care after the first child...after baby number 3, you are just lucky to get out the door! See you in a week :(

  6. Lol!
    I can relate to all but numbers 8 and 9! But that's coming soon enough. And number 4 will probably be in my future too! He's only 1, and plays with my daughters dress up and barbies lol!
    Great list!!

  7. I absolutely loved it & agree (even though I just started this mom thing). It is not at all an adventure you can plan out. Never say never huh? Kat*


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