Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rule #472 of Parenting: Never Let Your Guard Down

So...I was going through The Bedtime Routine with Aidan Kai this evening and trying to rush through it (as usual) when the thought occurred to me that the days of him snuggling like a baby in my arms are numbered. I looked down at this big fat baby, his pudgy fingers clutching his bottle...his cheeks dimpling with each slurp...his sleepy eyes looking up at me from underneath his damp mop of curls...and I decided, right then and there, to enjoy the moment. To really take it in. To savor it. To savor him. he finished his bottle, I snuggled him up onto my shoulder and rocked him, humming and patting his back, inhaling his Cheerios-Johnson's-Baby-Shampoo-Yummy-Still-New-Person-Smell, and I admit...I was loving this moment. I was incredibly aware of the fact that this is the beginning of my favorite baby stage (just turned one) and this is really It. No more babies after this. So I decided, right then and there, to start enjoying The Bedtime Routine with The Last Baby.

And just as I made that decision...just as I felt the warmth of his little breath on my ear, his tummy inhaling deeply against my chest...he puked. No warning. No gagging sound. No coughing. Just puke. Thick, stinky, curdled puke. All over my neck, my shoulder, down my back and all the way to my settle nicely into the crevices between the rocking chair's seat cushion and its base...

Well then, I suppose it's a good thing I had decided to start enjoying the bedtime routine, because it was back to the bathtub all over again....


  1. Oh Liz! I am so sorry and laughing so hard at the same time! I SO know what that feels like...Hope is was better the second time around!

  2. I guess you got a second chance to re-live the moment, huh? LOL!

  3. Now that is something that would happen to me. The moment I get all sentimental - bam! I hope he wasn't sick and is feeling better!

  4. Reading that I nearly had the coffee out of nose thing again! Am laughing with you and not at.... I remember that baby pukey stage all too well! The first time it went projectile I was ringing round relatives asking if this was normal!! I had a lot to learn back then about baby sick... now I have a lot to learn about sulky four year old girls! x

  5. oh lawwwwd. That never happened to me...I am so sorry...but it is funny.


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