Saturday, August 21, 2010

Real life ain't sexy

There's a reason couples have more sex while on vacation.
Vacation is sexy.
Real life? Not so much.
On vacation, there's no laundry piles, lunchboxes, piles of unopened mail, alarm clocks.
The only To-Do's are sightseeing, eating, shopping, sleeping, and romancing.

We've only been back to our Real Life for a week (and it hasn't even been the full-blown version, since the boys haven't started school yet), and already some of the friskiness is gone.

During the summer, it was all about "What do you wanna do tomorrow?" or "Do you wanna open a bottle of wine tonight?" or "When can your mom have the kids again overnight?"

There were full days on the beach, Just Us, with picnic lunches, cheesy magazines, lots of sunblock, and even more vodka.

There were nights of getting all dressed up: over-the-top smoky eye and glittery liner, patent leather red stilettos, and way-too-short-for-a-mom-over-35-mini-skirts...and then dancing the night away.

There were early evenings conspiratorially rushing the bedtime routines so we could then sneak into our loft, with red wine and cheese and lingerie and John Mayer.

But now?

Now, the luxury is pizza standing up at the kitchen counter (only 2 small slices...I know, I know, I've gotta lose those summer pounds!), Blockbuster rentals, and 2 exhausted back-to-work teachers/parents trying to get back into the routine, snuggling into bed to actually sleep.

I've read it a million times: when you're married with children, you have to schedule sex.

Yeah. That's real hot.

So, yes, I know, my last few (and I do mean "few") posts have all been about how great my summer has been and how lazy and indulgent I've been, and now, here I am just complaining and whining about it being over. I know most of you are thinking I'm a spoiled ingrate who does not even appreciate the fact that she has the 2 months off with Hubby ever year.

But I'm not really being whiny, and I'm not an ingrate. Just the opposite. I'm incredibly grateful for the past several weeks, and am actually feeling like I'm almost back in the swing of things with work and life in general. I'm not even pouting about it (too much) anymore.

But the fact is, I miss my sexy summer life...where the freedom and sun and frivolity and extra babysitting contributed to my libido.

So back to my last post and my new (school) year resolutions...
I've got to find ways to sneak in the sexiness. Somewhere amidst the Lunchables and the lesson plans and the 5:00 a.m. alarms, I've got to make an effort to remember the heat of summer.


  1. Amen sister. I know exactly what you mean...Here's to bringing some of the summer along for ride the rest of the year...

  2. Love this post. You are totally right.


  3. Nope, real life ain't sexy at all. Am thinking I need a vacation. . . .

  4. My husband seriously has to give me warning if sex is on the books, because it takes some effort for me to get in the zone. Wanna hear what's sad? The thing that works for us...scheduled quick nooners. And then he takes his sack lunch back to work. We are officially old and lame.

  5. Man oh man. I am jealous of your smoky summer nights. If we can get an overnight alone once a month we feel like we won the lottery.

  6. My life is never sexy. Not before, during, or after summer. Something must be wrong with me. And, I miss Blockbuster. Maybe if all of the Blockbusters in my town hadn't gone outta business my life would be a tad more sexy. So I blame the failing economy for my sexy-less life. Everyone else uses it as a scapegoat, I think I'll do it too!

  7. Oh wow, I feel exactly the same way. We had two weeks off together last month and had *so* much more sex! I didn't even realize why at the time, but then vacation ended, reality set in. The flame dwindled back down to a flicker. You're right - we need to keep these feelings alive. I think scheduled sex is ok. Hubby thinks it's the worst thing he's ever heard of. But would he rather have more sex? Of course! I say let's get scheduling! :-)


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