Monday, August 16, 2010

The Summer of Salsa and Chips

If you ever watched "Seinfeld," you may remember "The Summer of George."

I, once, had a "Summer of Liz." I don't really remember what I did with it, or why I needed it, since it was back in the days of "Before I Had Kids."

Being a teacher, I have had the luxury and blessing of having the summers off. And being Type A and slightly neurotic, I have spent most of those "doing" something.

There were a couple of "The Summer of Pregnancy."
There was "The Summer of Home Buying."
There were quite a few "Summers of Slimming Down."
One way or another, summer was always about doing something.

This summer, we ate a lot of salsa and chips.

We drank a lot of beer.
And wine.
There was lots of wine.
No, wait, maybe there was more beer.
Yes, definitely The Summer of Salsa, Chips, Beer, and Wine.

I went away one weekend with my girlfriends to sit on the beach and laugh.
I went away with Hubby a few times for overnight getaways.
We slept in when we could (once, we even hit 9:30!).
I finally tried stand up paddle surfing (twice!).
I watched "Blue's Clues" and "Scooby Doo."
We went dancing.
We took the boys on mini-adventures (one ended up as an adventure all on its own at the pediatric E.R., but that's for another post...or perhaps no post at all, since I want to forget the whole thing).
We went to the beach.
We went to water parks.
We went nowhere.
I gained weight.
I got almost nothing accomplished.
But I was happy.
Really, really happy.

The school year starting (for all four of us) will definitely require routine, discipline, and scheduling. (And my barely-fitting-jeans will definitely require my old eating and exercise habits.) And I do know that routine brings a certain amount of ease and organization and calm, especially when dealing with two small children. But I don't want to go completely back to the person I was before this summer. As much as I need (and want) to go back to healthy, planned eating, to the 5:00 a.m. gym visits, to the hyper-scheduled bedtimes, I want to keep this sense of "Who cares?" and "Why the hell not?" As the summer has steadily dwindled down to its end, I've come to the realization that it is not the free time I am panicked about losing.

It's my attitude.

So I've made a few new (school) year's resolutions:
~Crack open a bottle of wine with Hubby if we feel like it, even if it's a Tuesday
~Skip a gym workout if it's a beautiful afternoon and hit the beach with the kids instead
~Not have every second of the entire week planned and written in stone
~Go on more bike rides around the neighborhood, even if it means we have dinner an hour later than we're "supposed" to
~Not care all that much and truly understand that yes, the closet that needs organizing and the photos that need arranging will all be there...tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day
~Laugh as often (or nearly as often) as I did this summer


  1. Sounds as if you've had a great summer! What great resolutions to kick off the school year - it might do me some good to adopt a couple of those.

  2. It truly sounds like you did summer the way it should be done. What memories you have now!

    I love your new school year philosophy!

  3. Oh, Liz. Why am I not surprised that you mention Seinfeld? I'm so glad you had your summer of Liz. It sounds wonderful.

  4. I promise to try it...Saying why not and just going for it instead of thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't....Glad my big guy is with you...I think I might be able to exhale...

  5. Oh Liz! that's fantastic. My brother is a teacher, and this summer, he loaded his boys up and drove to the Badlands in South Dakota. They camped, lost track of time, and had a great time. so the opposite of the "stressful vacation" that seems to happen when you over-plan it.

    And, you can exercise while you're at the beach with the boys! Lift them over your head- 2 sets of 10 reps per child ;O) sometimes I do lunges around the trampoline while the boys are jumping!

  6. I need to print out your resolutions and put them on MY fridge. I love it. You deserved a summer of Liz. I'm so glad you let yourself "go" and enjoyed it.


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