Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've already forgotten her...

that girl from summer

the one who didn't take herself so seriously
the one who didn't care if her jeans were a little too tight
or if the kids were up too late

The one who smiled
and laughed

a lot

How could I have misplaced her
so quickly?

I miss her.
I think everyone else does


  1. I think we all go through that at some point. The hard part is trying to find the even medium between the two. I'm still trying to find mine sadly.

  2. Perhaps she will come for regular visits?

  3. Drop whatever you are doing right now and go find her! It's imperative!

    My thinking is school is starting up and old routines are creeping back. I started feeling those old routines this week too. It takes time to form bad habits, so it takes time to break them as well.

    At least you are noticing this shift. Keep being mindful and eventually you will crush those negative habits.

    Time time time.

  4. It's the margaritas, honey. They bring out the carefree girl in all of us...who says they're only for summertime? :)

    Seriously, I did really like this piece.

  5. How easily we are replaced by the summer's over, back-to-school routine! Ugh. I'm feeling it, too. Hope your smile comes back soon!

  6. You'll find her, I have every confidence. It just takes a few weeks to get settled into routine and then she'll pop back out. Probably over Labor Day weekend!

  7. When you find her, I am willing to bet she needs a drink, pronto? Maybe with some chips and salsa?

  8. Oh, how I had hoped you'd hang onto her for longer! She's there though. You just need to shake her to the surface. It's just so hard when life is constantly getting in the way, isn't it?

    H starts K tomorrow and she's a wreck. I hope she gets on the bus.

    How about B?

  9. I miss her too. In me. But I'm not sure she was even around this summer. And that makes me miss her even more. Where has she been? Where has she gone to?

    Like you, I'm sick of writing about, thinking about, hearing about summer ending. Change upon us. Autumn closing in. But it was all I had today. My compass is stuck, lost, stolen, I'm not sure. But I've lost my words and that's one of the worst things, for me, to lose.

    I have also been so absent from blogging for so long that I wonder how I'll ever fit it in again. But something tells me that I need to. That if I lose track of this too I am a hopeless cause.


  10. I think i saw her last nite!!! Yeah, u know, now that I think of it I am pretty certain it was her. LOL
    Kim is right we do need to 'play' more.... See u and that girl real soon!!!! love u, kat ;-}


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