Thursday, February 25, 2010

You're just saying that 'cause I'm wearing make-up

So according to my friend, colleague, and newly blogging buddy, Maria at Mom of "Three Seeks Sanity," I am a "Beautiful Blogger." Cool.

Never one to turn down an award, I officially thank Maria. Never one to break a rule (okay, not never...usually), I will do as told and share 7 things you might not know about me. (This is gonna be tough...I'm pretty sure you all know waaaaaay too much already.)

1. I love the show "Lost," but often feel really, really blonde when I'm watching it.
2. I am deathly, irrationally, ridiculously afraid of lizards.
3. I love, love, love living in South Florida. Yes, there's traffic and chaos and ridiculously overpriced real estate. But there's also people from all over the world, beautiful beaches, clubs that open 'til morning, quiet family-oriented neighborhoods, and some of the best shopping in the world.
4. My ultimate life dream is to have a vacation home in Hawaii.
5. I feel I am my most true self when I'm running or drinking (no, not water).
6. I get pissy the minute the thermometer dips below 70 degrees.
7. In my closet is a signed picture of the cast of "Sex and the City" and a mini chandelier.

So, there. Now you can add those to the list in your heads entitled "Useless But Hopefully Slightly Amusing Information About The Girl Who Writes The But Then I Had Kids Blog." Now go check out Maria...she's new around here and pretty damn clever.


  1. Loved reading these facts about you Liz....make up or not, we all know you are Beautiful....congrats on your award :)

  2. wouldn't last 5 minutes in England. I'm delighted when the thermometer rises ABOVE 70 x

  3. Oooh. I love learning these bits about you. Particularly because some of them remind me of Me. (So self-centered, I know.) I too feel impossibly blonde while watching Lost, feel very alive when imbibing certain beverages, and love the closet chandelier deal. Fantastic. And you are a beautiful blogger!

    (Btw, after ages, finally updated my blogroll and was thrilled to add you to the mix!)

  4. Liz, Even though I like snow, in a visiting kind of way, I too prefer heat. Thank goodness, since I live in Arizona!

  5. My hair is decidedly brown, but I still never know what's going on while watching Lost. (Does anyone?)


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