Friday, November 19, 2010

There's no place like home

Usually messy, toys strewn like landmines
Disorganized closets, laundry baskets, dirty dishes
Still, my soft place to land
My sofa...head in Hubby's lap
Their rooms...bedtime rituals, whispered goodnights
Our bed...snuggling undercovers, peaceful bliss

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  1. Ah, but what beauty within that chaos! And life is full of chaos. So you might as well embrace and know that some day, sooner than what we are comfortable with, the house will be neat. And empty.

    So I say: Enjoy the mess. Enjoy the sweetness that little boys bring. And screw having a neat house and therefore, messed up kids....

  2. Home: a soft landing every time.

  3. "Toys strewn like landmines" is an understatement here at our house. Home: our blissful chaos. :)

  4. Enjoy the chaos and your wonderful family!

  5. Sounds familiar. and comforting.

  6. "toys strewn like landmines" - that's my house too. ;)


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