Saturday, June 4, 2011

The JOYS of summer: six word friday (saturday?)

Knowing there's only four days left

Until the summer is ours

to play and sleep and lounge
sip from icy cold beer bottles
linger together over fresh morning coffee

to have "babysitting nights" each week
quality time together, just us two
dreaming, conspiring, dancing, laughing, kissing, loving

and family days whenever we wish
quality time together, all of us
playing, growing, dancing, laughing, learning, loving

to wake up and spontaneously pack
a beach bag full of toys
spend a day in the sun
come home without bedtimes and routines

to spend time with my girls
and their babies at the pool
watching our kids becoming real friends

stay up with my favorite person
watching movie rentals or mindless TV
falling asleep, inevitably, on the couch

even getting things done: laundry, errands
without the rush and daily pressures

life's just easier and more joyous
when you can spend your days
doing as you wish without demands
without work hours and lunch boxes
alarm clocks, homework, and gym bags

Joy, right now, means having time
Looking forward to an entire summer

To spend with my (serene) Self
my girlfriends and my loved ones
my two wild, loud, little boys
my favorite person in the universe

Knowing every day I wake up
really, truly belongs solely to me

What does the word "JOY" mean to you? Join Six Word Fridays (although, I know, I am technically doing Six Word SATURDAY this time) at Making Things Up.


  1. YOU said it girl! I love this. I love my work, but taking that extra plate out of the balancing act is SO freeing. My husband actually jokes that I need about a week to adjust. I try to hurry everywhere and I have a long list to do. What am I rushing for? Who CARES when I go to bed? It's not like I have to look good the next day or anything. Yesterday I counted the pool as my shower. LOL.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What an enchanting life you describe here in this lovely piece. It flows naturally and reads easily. Thanks for this good read!


  3. All I can say is, AMEN...

    Here's to a summer full of joy!

  4. Awwwww...can't wait. :oD

  5. I love your this too :) xx

  6. what a beautiful poem!

    Summer Liz is just hours away....

    love u,
    1 of your girls ;o)

  7. Life is more joyous without all the have-to's, oh yes!


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