Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Summer (so far) In Pictures

So it's been two full weeks of summer vacation so far, and here's what we have to show for it...

A weekend getaway to the west coast with the entire family:

Ben described it as "the most awesome vacation ever," so definitely a success.

It amazes me that with a house full of toys (most of which seem to have ended up on our living room floor), the boys are always wandering aimlessly about, trailing us like shadows, insisting they have nothing to do. I have nearly given up on cleaning up, since inevitably, everything ends up out the next day anyways.

Last summer, we spent most of our days at the beach and at the water park, but this summer we've had to deal with Potty Training Boot Camp (which has taken way longer than we had expected), so I've had to find ways to make me feel better about being trapped in the house:

I am embarrassed to admit that I almost enjoyed scrubbing and organizing my frig and freezer for the first time ever. (I'm also a little embarrassed to admit it was my first time ever). Who knew the drawers were supposed to be totally see-through?!?

And when I was done with the frig, I started to tackle The Major Summer Project: photo organizing. I finally finished Aidan Kai's first year album, so now I'm only 2 years behind...

And of course, what would a photo recap be of the last two weeks without...

When Aidan didn't quite make it to the bathroom, and the stickers didn't quite make it onto the chart, we had to turn to:

And as a result, at the end of each day, I've had to turn to...

We have managed to squeeze in some late afternoons of pool play and the occasional barbecue...

And even on the bad days, when I've wanted to go out all day long and instead have spent it scrubbing the carpets, running the washing machine, all while still trying to be uber-positive and cheerful with our pee-boy-in-training, I still remind myself that a summer day at home is still better than a good day at work!


  1. So true! I'm reciting that to myself every single day lately. I've got 3 boys at home, and I can't tell you how similar your pictures look to my life... except the vacation. We still haven't done that, well, ever! Good luck with the potty training!

  2. With you sister, without the vacation, without the direct potty training (Angie's in the throes, times two) and without the organization. Thank goodness for red wine, runs, and the occasional takeout...Way better than the best day at work!

    PS: I am getting more than a little pissed off about the inability to post comments as myself, with my cute picture next to it...GRR.

  3. Yes, much better than a day at work! Says the woman who is preparing for another day at the office tomorrow.....

    Look at it this way, once the Potty Training Boot Camp is over (which will be soon, I'm sure) you will be FREE! Free to go play and free of diapers!!

  4. Your photos cracked me - especially the cleaning products and wine after the potty chart. We have so been there (and will be again...too soon!).

    And this is a good reminder that I need to get into gear with my kids' baby books. My oldest will be four in September and I don't think I've finished his first year. (And there are two other kids' books to start!)

  5. I heart Costco. And I think we have the same fridge. I had to clean it out before we left for Romania, and I was amazed how white and sparkly it got, too! =>

    PS: I'd send a bottle of wine to help you through the potty training if I could! Hang in there.

  6. You and I alone are keeping Costco photo dept in business! Love the pics and you are having an awesome summer.

  7. We have the same picture of living room.. i have 2 boys and i can't stop them...


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