Friday, April 27, 2012

Listening: The Things People Say

I'm glad I didn't listen when they said...
~Once you have kids, you can't do that anymore.
~If you leave him, I think you're going to ruin your life.
~You? Run a half-marathon? That's hilarious.
~You should be an accountant, not a teacher.
~You two are never going to work.
~All men are like that.
~You're getting a tattoo? Are you crazy?
~You really need to start doing Facebook.
~Pink hair is for rock stars.
~When it comes to real estate, you'll never lose money.
~You know, I'm really not the romantic type.
~Having another kid is just going to complicate your life.

I wish I hadn't listened when they said...
~I think this new guy...he's the one you should marry.
~Too bad you don't look like your sister.
~You shouldn't be a writer. That's never going to work.
~A size 12? I'm sorry, we don't sell sizes that big here.
~Things like that don't happen to people like us.
~Will you marry me? (the first time)
~Don't get the VW Cabrio; it's not a responsible choice.
~The beach is too far.
~Aren't you a little too old to go dancing all night?

I'm glad I listened when they said...
~Have you heard of "Fifty Shades of Grey"?
~Will you marry me? (the second time)
~You should really start watching that new HBO show about 4 girls in NY.
~I'm telling you, a Brazilian wax will change your life.
~Let's get an RV.
~You need to get some therapy.
~Hey, you wanna apply for one of those home make-over shows?
~You really need to get a smart phone of some type...
~If you like tequila, you should try Patron.
~Let's just throw a bag in the back of the Jeep and take off to the Keys.
~You should go away for the weekend with your girlfriends one day.
~Don't wash your hair so often.
~Why don't we move in together?
~You should try on the skinny jeans.
~If you let me, I'll take care of you.

This was the last topic for Momalom's Five for Five series. I can't believe that after barely blogging once a week, I managed to get out five consecutive days AND read other blogs and comment. Thanks, Jen and Sarah, for doing this again, for giving me a little kick in the ass, and reminding me what it feels like when this place is more towards the top of my To-Do List.


  1. Amen to that last list! And yes, thanks to Jen and Sarah for kicking us in the ass! I know I certainly needed it!


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