Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Writer's Apathy (Or: Sh*t. That Didn't Work Either.)

The only thing I seem to be writing about lately is not wanting to write.

Every time I think about a possible blog post, I tell myself I'll do it tomorrow. Every time I psych myself up that I need to spend some time on here, I go do laundry. Every time I remember that I am not "writing enough," I turn on HGTV.

And every time this happens, an urgent, nagging little voice inside my head violently whispers: "What the fuck is wrong with you lately?"

I'm a writer. It's what I've done and who I've been since I was old enough to peck away at my older sister's typewriter, feeling very important and wise and creative and inspired.


Maybe that's the problem here.

How can I get inspired to write again? Where can I find the inspiration to miss my blog, to need  to write?


Eureka! I've got it!

I thought I had hit the obvious jackpot when it occurred to me that I needed to go back to my favorite blogs, my favorite writers, the women who have inspired me all of these years since I had started my own blog. You see, not only have I not been coming here, to this space, to write; I have also not gone to anyone else's space to read.

I sat down today and started at the top of my personal blog roll of faves, and caught up with some of these old friends. But a startling thing happened....something that has never happened before.

Yes, I smiled as I revisited these favorite blogs. Yes, I read great stuff. Yes, they gave me important stuff to think about.

But that was it.

When I was done, I still didn't want to write.

In fact, I was almost...(my fingers literally hesitated over the keys just now because I feel like I'm selling out; not sure on who)...tired.


Instead of feeling re-energized and inspired, I felt tired.

Sounds like a bad poem.


I wrote a bad poem.

Does that count?


  1. My comment disappeared - agh! I just said I've really been there, and while I miss your voice I trust that it will come back! xox

  2. You are allowed to be tired. You are allowed to take breaks for however long you need to. When inspiration hits (and it will) you will be lead back here (or somewhere) and you will write. Sometimes life IS tiring. So tiring that writing takes a backseat. And that's okay.


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