Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got an award? For real? Cool.

I am pretty happy when someone who knows me and loves me comments on my blog. I am ecstatic when someone who doesn't know me and doesn't love me (yet) finds me out there in the blogosphere and comments on my blog. So you can only imagine what I was like when I found out that one of those fellow bloggers actually granted me an award! Apparently, I rock. At least just a little teeny bit.

Thank you so much, Sarah at for granting me with One Lovely Blog Award! I'm pretty new around here, and I'm learning as I go...but apparently part of the deal is I pass this award on to other bloggers I deem worthy (ooooooh, the power...!). So go on and check out the following mommy blogs...
Chicky Chicky Baby

Keep reading and I'll keep writing!


  1. Thank you! Totally made my day!!! :)

  2. don't let the power go to your head...
    but plse do keep posting on your blog.

  3. Congrats - the universe is yours - or atleast the award. It's nice to be rewarded.


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