Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Plans

Back when my summer started, I made a long mental list of plans. After all, I thought, Hubby and I will be off for 2 whole months together, with the boys at home. We'll have plenty of time and energy to enjoy our time together and get a lot done. It would be the perfect, balanced combination of efficiency and enjoyment!

My Summer To-Do:
1. Lose the 3 pounds I gained since Spring Break
2. Completely empty and re-organize the guest room closet
3. Spring clean the entire house (we're talking move furniture, empty bookshelves...serious shit)
4. Organize over 1000 photographs into corresponding albums and photo boxes
5. Design and order 4 photo books using the professional pics dear friend took (including the maternity ones, which are now over 2 years old!)
6. Get back on my mountain bike again

You know where this is going, right?

Here's how it's turning out:
1. I've maintained the 3 pounds and gained an additional 2 due to the near-constant beer and wine drinking, also known around here as: "Aw, what the heck! It is summer, after all! Crack open a bottle!"
2. I sat and watched as Hubby emptied out some of the stuff in the guest room closet and placed most of it back in (no real organization took place but we did come across some really great old photos).
3. We've vacuumed twice, mopped once, and scrubbed the bathrooms once. No furniture movement of any kind has occurred, unless you count to find a runaway Hot Wheels car.
4. The 1000 photos have now multiplied to about 1400.
5. One photo book has been designed and ordered, and it wasn't even the maternity one.
6. I watched Lance Armstrong ride his bike in the Tour de France for the last time. Does that count?

Pretty amazing how during the school year, I can get 6 things done in one day, yet this summer even a list this short is too long. But I have become incredibly efficient at laziness and decadence...and joy. Who knew being an underachiever could be so satisfying?


  1. Oh Liz, this made me laugh out're not only a really great writer, you are a very funny one too!!

    Our summer hols only started this week....but last summer I made a huge (ridiculously huge) to-do some things done but the pressure was just silly!! I was trying to be the perfect housewife and the perfect mother, with my children not having one unoccupied moment all summer long....I nearly went mad!!

    So this summer (which is actually 2 wks shorter anyway)....they are doing some daytime activities and my main aim for the summer is to read more.... plus non-stop catering for two children of course....and some mini to-do lists....I can't stop doing that!!

    I bet your children have had the best summer...and I am sure you are enjoying it too!! (And 3lbs is nothing, don't worry about it!)

  2. Summer = Debauchery

    tee hee hee.

    I just finished telling my husband that I can't even hold a thought...they are like clouds...I can see them, but they are just out of my reach.

    I'm goin' with it, I've got a whole other 10 months to run around like an animal, the animal I am most replicating this Summer is Gloria from Madagascar.

  3. Yep, I had that in miniature today. A whole day with no kids and no work. Oh the plans I had. Did I get any of them done? Did I #'**! I have spent all day lounging around blogging and reading my book instead.

  4. I want to be an underachiever too!! Maybe I'll get an opportunity to do so this weekend while the guys are gone.....but nope, that damned laundry still has to get done somehow!

    Enjoy your time off - you deserve it!

  5. I love being an underachiever in short, luxurious bouts. Life is too busy usually, so when the opportunity arises... Enjoy it because it won't last much longer!

  6. I love being an underachiever. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  7. PS Love your new blog colours, really nice :) Hope you got my emails :)

  8. Also, there's an award for you at my blog : )

  9. Ha! This post rang a few bells, I can tell you. Oh yes. Great stuff.

  10. I am in the same boat....I have not done ONE.LITTLE.THING. on my summer list!

  11. I had a list similar, but I had a whole year's worth and did VERY lil of it, if any at all. I was more like "What the hey, I haven't had enough sleep... just had a baby... I'm exhausted... I rather hang-out with my hubby, family, or FRIENDS... oh well..." My year flew by and all I accomplished was watch my lil guy grow. That was on my list-- kinda ;-) xoxo Kat
    p.s. u'll get to it eventually, lol


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