Friday, September 2, 2011

Exchange: Six Word Fridays

we had always had a plan

so sure of what we wanted

to live life, together, out loud

be as free as commitment allowed

untethered to the things Everyone Else

used to measure their grand arrival

at the finish line of life

keep it small and live simply

so we could live Life large

travel, dance, laugh, sleep at night

without the stresses Everyone Else chose:

a lawn man, the corner lot

we planned life with bare feet

spontaneity, experiences, whimsy, free of cares

we were so sure back then

until something shifted, wishes got swapped

and we suddenly found ourselves dreaming

of a grown up life, settled

a home that was spacious enough

to welcome Just One More baby

(and a lawn man to cut

the grass on the corner lot)

we swapped one dream for another

found ourselves with a new life

new joys, different desires, wishes granted

but with it all sometimes comes

the subtle, quiet unease of wonder:

was this the life we intended

one we will look back on

with satisfaction of a life fulfilled

or a life exchanged for one

that is just like Everyone Else's?

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  1. Beautifully written...I often wonder the same thing. When did the dreams become reality, and is my reality the realization of the dreams of long ago?

  2. yes, it is beautifully written, but I think this is called, growing up, giving in, whatever it can be really sad.

  3. I think it's natural to mourn the loss of the life you might have had and wonder what could have been.
    But you might want to add a little barefoot back in :)

  4. Plans and reality, past and present colliding: I'm always glad when I survive the impact. ;)

  5. Hi - I really liked this and it resonates with me (there's that word again; I always say that about your writing!). I look around and am stunned at how life has evolved. Similarly the dreams have become reality but it is tinged with disbelief as I do wonder what happened the young, carefree people we were. There is just so much responsibility now! I write this after another painful night of limited sleep, up with my daughter, so I guess maybe I seeing the glass half empty!! Remember when it would be a choice to stay up late not something inflicted?! Lou x

  6. Yes, sometimes your dreams are exchanged - for better or worse. Hopefully most are for better. :)

  7. I'm a firm believer you can live life with bare feet and have a lawn man. He just makes it a little easier on the bare feet! =>

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