Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Product Review and Give-away (Woo hoo!)

So how cool is this?!? I get to give stuff away! Yup. Neat, huh?

So Maggie from Ecostore USA asked if I'd review a couple of their products. Since I've always been interested in "green" products, but have not had much luck finding any in the stores that actually work as well as the "other" stuff, I was pretty psyched (but a bit skeptical, I must admit).

For the last couple of weeks I've been using their Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner on my kitchen counters, which are usually quite grimy especially from the baby's powdered formula, which creates a layer of thick and usually hard-to-get-off milky gunk. I was thoroughly impressed by how well the spray got everything off and did not leave my granite smeared and filmy the way some other sprays usually do. The smell, also, is waaaaay better than most antibacterial sprays, which make me feel like I'm trapped in a fog of chemicals.

The other product I tested, Baby Sleepytime Bath Aromatherapy, was an even bigger surprise. I poured it into the tub for both of the boys, and at first, the smell was a bit shocking. It's strong...almost like incense, but really, really yummy. After a few days of using it, I think it was making me calmer and more relaxed. I loved the way it made the whole bathroom smell. Overall, I figured "OK, so it's basically aromatherapy. Smells good. Fine." But after a couple of weeks, I noticed that neither of the boys' eczema had flared up, as it always does in the summer. Coincidence? Maybe, but I highly doubt it!

So here's the fun part...the first two readers who email me at will receive their choice of one Ecostore USA product. Just email me your name, address, phone number, and choice of product (check out their website to pick!). I figure we can all do our part to make this world a bit greener for our kids' futures, right?

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  1. well? did you get to give the fun products away? How fun is this... nice!


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