Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi, I'm new here.

I used to be a writer. I walked around narrating life, in my head, all the time. I'd think of beautiful phrases, poignant sentences, the perfect word.... I wrote poetry, I wrote articles, I wrote unfinished novels. And I won't even get into the frantic, almost manic, journal entries that covered pages and pages of volumes and volumes. I was chronically inspired. But then I had kids. And now, I'm mostly chronically tired.

I recently realized that there are many people in my life right now, important people, who don't even know That Me. And I also realized, with some relief, that I finally miss That Me. But something was standing in my way. (Well, 2 little things, to be specific.) That was when I realized that rather than shove them out of the way, it might be a little more effective (and a tad less violent) to take 'em along for the ride. is my blog. A blog from a girl who, once upon a time, swore she'd never send a text message (I am now regularly over my texting plan limits) and who has no idea what the difference is between Facebook and Twitter. I will write, mostly, about parenting...from MY perspective. That is important to understand here, because my perpective on parenting is not usually rainbows and butterflies. I am rarely politically correct, I am always honest, and I frequently offend people. I don't mean to. I swear. But apparently, I do anyways. As most of my friends can attest, I can jump from topic to topic pretty seamlessly, so parenting will certainly not be the only thing I blog about. Shoes, fashion, and things that piss me off will probably make a regular appearance.

So yeah, I used to be a writer. I used to be a lot of things, actually, but then I had kids. I'll tell you this much, though: Just one post and I'm already starting to feel more like myself.


  1. YES!!!!!!
    I love this!
    keep them coming please!
    will post a link to your blog on mine.
    love ya.

  2. Why did that make me cry - oh yeah, maybe b/c when i had my rock star little girl, i lost my rock star dream for myself!! I'm a lot of things too - teacher, classical musician, tattooed rockstar fashionista, and now mommy, which some days i wonder why?!?! I have my inner deamons too which seem to be boiling under the surface more and more since motherhood has come into my life, and not a lot of people know that about me either. But i do know that we have a bond that keeps us somewhat sane!! So to keeping sane, maintaing who we are at our core while being kick-ass rockstar mom's too!! And to the start of this amazing blog!!

  3. Oh yeah, I know this feeling.

    I started to blog - non-anonymously, that is - to reclaim myself.

    If that is what you seek, you will find it.


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