Monday, March 16, 2009

I was right about the travel insurance...

So this was the weekend of our big Orlando getaway. (Okay, it was a little one-nighter, but 24 hours of rollercoasters, beer, each other and no scheduled potty breaks is big in our lives.) We were driving up to Melbourne to stay with a friend on Friday night, and then leaving the boys with her Saturday all day and night while we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. (Note: If you have not read my post from 2 days ago, stop. Go back. Read it. Now.) I was finally able to let my guard down on Friday: "Hey, we're actually gonna be able to do this thing! I am soooo paranoid! *Chuckle, chuckle* Why do I do this to myself? I really need to stop worrying so much!"

*Insert hysterical, evil-like laughter from mothers who know better*

Apparently, Aidan Kai figured he had not been featured in Mommy's blog enough, because upon arrival in Melbourne--BAM!--the kid got a fever. Oh, and did I ever mention he's a vomiter? Yep. Coughing? Gag, vomit. Too full? Gag, vomit. Sucking on fingers too hard? Gag, vomit. So instead of standing in long lines for rides, eating greasy amusement park food, drinking aforementioned beer, sleeping in, and basically pretending to be what we once were Before Children, we were repeatedly washing dried vomit out of Aidan's hair (he'd start coughing and throw up in his sleep and apparently it did not bother him one bit! Woo-hoo, can you imagine how useful this will be in college?!?) and administering Infant's Tylenol.
I'm telling you....spring for the insurance.

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