Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Partying over at the neighbor's again... (Woo-hoo!)

Since I started this blogging thing, I've "met" some pretty cool people along the way...people I wish truly lived in my neighborhood...women I wish I really could meet for cocktails. Kristen is one of those. She and I would chat about the best formats for a query letter, Lost's Sawyer, whether or not it's possible for Lance Armstrong to ever win another Tour de France, and...oh yeah...that little topic called "motherhood." So please go over to Kristen's house...that's where I am today, guest posting on the topic of...well, let's call it...Competitive Parenting. After you read my post, be sure to take a minute or two to rummage around her place. The coolest thing about Kristen is that she always leaves you with something to ponder.
Thanks for the invite, Kristen, and for serving as the inspiration for my last post!


  1. Loved your post over at your neighbours! x

  2. Thanks for taking part in Won't You Be My Neighbor! Great post over at Kristen's!


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